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This natural health forum is the latest place I’ve discovered for ahem, “alternative” medicine. I originally wrote a paid review of it for mturk and I’ve since given it a deeper perusal. It’s not too busy, but it has a dedicated bunch of regular posters. Sometimes I don’t want to go to’s boards, or I want another viewpoint. Sometimes I like to rubberneck the biomed autism cure crowd – they have a different perspective than I do, to be sure, but we all have autistic kids who will become autistic adults, and it’s my experience (very limited) that most parents come around to accepting autism.

I like the Nutrition subforum. I’m not as crunchy woo as some of my friends but I try to avoid GMOs in my food (no Roundup Ready for me, thanks!) and high fructose corn syrup when possible. It’s kind of nice to go to a forum where I am absolutely not the weirdest. Although, again, the nutrition forum, esp. Traditional Foods, has this one beat by a mile.

So that’s one of the places I’ve found. Any interesting places y’all have discovered?

Stop the R Word

My son is developmentally disabled.

Every time I hear the word “retard” or see it, or hear someone flippantly refer to something they dislike as “retarded” I wince inside because it stabs me. I have some younger relatives who use it as a default insult word, and I guess this is my passive-aggressive way to ask them to stop.

Stop saying retard.

Stop saying “ur so retarded!” in Facebook comments.

Eliminate the word as an insult from your vocabulary.



Stop using the r-word.

Have yourself a gloomy little Christmas

I found these dolls looking for “organic doll” on Amazon: Planet Pixies!

They’re cute little Groovy Girl-esque soft dolls, and I was thinking of suggesting them for out of town relations as gifts for the kids. Then I read the description:

All over the planet, Pixies are losing their homes due to pollution, deforestation, and global warming. Now these Pixies need good homes and friends that will care for them and for the environment. Together you & your Pixie can learn about the environment & what you can do to protect it to ensure no more Pixies lose their homes! Planet Pixies are made with all natural and organic cotton. Each adorable Pixie provides information about a specific endangered region of the world from which they’re from, along with tips on what you can do to help.

I get that we need to teach children to be good stewards of the Earth. I’m all for it. But I think the effect of all this crud is going to be DEAF EARS and a strong sense of futility.

Can’t we just have little chemical free pixie dolls without the guilt? Please?

Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit sniffin’ glue.

My friend Tabitha quit all milk and milk products this week, and she’s had possibly the worst week ever. Tabitha darlin this one’s for you.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.754330&w=425&h=350&fv=%26rel%3D0%26border%3D0%26]

more about “Looks like I picked the wrong week to…“, posted with vodpod

Lloyd Bridges as McCroskey, in Airplane!

Please. Use. Fewer. Words. Slower, Too.

Autistic brains process sound slower than nonautistic ones.

…researchers discovered what they believe are “signatures of autism” that show a delay in processing individual sounds.

That delay is only a fraction of a second, but when it’s for every sound, the lag time can cascade into a major obstacle in speaking and understanding people, the researchers said.

Imagine if it took a tiny bit longer than normal to understand each syllable. By the end of a whole sentence, you’d be pretty confused.

Researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia had 64 autistic children ages 6 to 15 listen through headphones to a series of rapid beeps while under the helmet-like device, which recorded the brain’s response to the sounds. Those brain waves, shown as highlighted areas on an imaging screen, were compared with responses in a group of non-autistic children.

In autistic children, response to each sound was delayed by one-fiftieth of a second.

Yet another reminder to speak slowly and clearly, and to wait for a response. I tend to pile more and more words on, when I don’t think I’m being understood, and in this case it likely just makes it worse!

PSA: Plymouth Pilgrims, not Boston Puritans

The Pilgrims that sailed on the Mayflower did not wear the stereotypical black accented with buckles.

Pilgrim adults and children wore bright solid colors since their religion did not object to colorful clothing. They had many dyes so that red, green, beige, burgundy, blue, violet, as well as brown and black were worn.

from Pilgrim Clothing.

This blog post brought to you by someone who would be a right stickler if she ever got to make SCA garb again.

I think it’s time to watch Colonial House, haven’t seen it in several years.

Closing Logos wiki

I was trying to find the name of that book Bre liked so much, Melissa #2, about PBS? And I found this site which is awesome!

They have all the station idents and studio logos you can think of, and they include the ‘scare factor’ for each one. I thought I was the only one creeped out by that kind of thing.

Bede loves station idents and studio logos almost as much as he loves fonts. He’s been reproducing them as well. So far he’s right on track for a career with his daddy in graphic design. He makes a mean PBS P-head – complete with intoning, “This is PBS.”

What was that book…?

I read the What was that book? community at Livejournal. Anyone can post what they remember of a book they can’t remember the title of, and anyone can post what book they think it is. It’s the sort of thing the Internet excells at, you know? There’s an unspoken informal competition going on to be the first to correctly identify a book*, and I’ve had several where I knew the book instantly but was not the first to post, consarn it.

But today I got my first FOUND!

Yay me!

It’s the little things that make a day, you know.

*Having worked in a bookstore really gives one an edge, but mine is dulled by the intervening years – I haven’t kept up with genres I don’t habitually read.

coffee update

In my extensive coffee research (that is to say, what you guys said combined with one Google search) I have learned that you can buy green coffee beans, that Episcopalians like fancy coffee, and that Walmart has fair trade coffee. Here’s some background on that, and here’s the actuality. These guys are against it because they say Walmart is evil.


Walmart here we come. And if it stinks then we’ll try the other suggestions.

So angry I could spit

I’m livid with anger at the Chinese toxic formula sicknesses and deaths.

I am all about breastfeeding.


But I know several women who HAVE TO use formula because they have very low milk supply. Low supply affects a lot of women, I’ve read various statistics, but I’d say five to ten percent is reasonable. And that’s not to mention all the women I know who were misinformed by doctors and others and ended up with formula because they eventually had no milk due to poor advice on breastfeeding.

The current theory is that someone is diluting the milk with water, then adding melamine powder to make it look like it’s actually high-protein milk. It’s not accidental.

Somebody in China just doesn’t care that this is killing babies. Living, breathing, lovely babies. It’s just luck that this hasn’t happened here.


a few new things

I’ve started a new blog for our homeschool stuff. It’s at and you’re welcome to wander by, but it’s mostly notes for me. I was inspired by Melissa Wiley’s Bonny Glen Up Close.

Also, I debated whether or not to add a political allegiance button to the blog and as you can see, decided yes, I would. I hope my more liberal friends remain with me, and I promise I won’t blog about politics!

I think that’s all for now.

Sound bite

Everything is Trixie’s. “Hey! At’s MINE dolly!” “Hey! At’s MINE chair!” And my personal favorite, when she sees another kid in my lap if she has recently vacated it, “Hey! At’s MINE holdyou!”

Gloria is commando crawling everywhere. And very interested in food.

Gilbert is reading, thank you Starfall.

Faith is very indecisive about her Halloween costume and has become interested in costume design.

Abby is writing adventure stories, mostly fantasy, and some poetry.

Bede is watching old television station IDs and movie studio IDs on YouTube. Like this, I mean. For hours.

And that brings you to now.

Labor Day meme

Via Melly and Melissa

How long were your labors?

  1. 8 hours
  2. 12 hours
  3. 16 hours
  4. 14 hours
  5. 12 hours
  6. 6 hours

How did you know you were in labor?

  1. Water broke while I was napping, contractions started about an hour later
  2. Contractions woke me up around 5AM
  3. Contractions woke me up around 5AM, petered out from 10-2, reorganized, he was born late that night
  4. Contractions woke me up around 5AM
  5. Contractions woke me up around 5AM (are you sensing a trend here?)
  6. Erratic stop start labor all day, water broke at 1AM and labor began in earnest.

Where did you deliver?

  1. Hospital
  2. At home
  3. At home
  4. At home
  5. At home
  6. Same hospital as #1





Who caught the baby?

  1. OB
  2. Midwife
  3. Midwife and Sean
  4. Midwife and Sean
  5. Sean
  6. Sean

Scarves for Special Olympians!

Coats and Clark is trying to get enough scarves for every Special Olympian in the 2009 Winter Games, and you can help! The scarves can be any design, knit or crochet, but must be in delft blue (885) and white (311) Red Heart Super Saver yarn. More information can be found at the Coats and Clark website.

I think we can manage at least one, with three knitters in the house – Abby learned too!

Milk Share and breastmilk donation

I’m a milk donor and you can be too.

I am pumping and donating directly to a family in need and many (many!) more such families can be found through Milk Share, a list which connects donors and recipients. We are cash-poor and spare time is also hard to come by around here so it’s not often that I get to really help someone. It’s just a wonderful feeling.

Another option is to donate to a milk bank. There’s a controversy as to whether you should donate to a HMBANA bank, the nonprofit organization that collects freely donated milk and only charges a very minimal processing fee to hospitals, or to a Prolacta bank, which collects freely donated milk and resells it for up to $45 an ounce. You can google, decide for yourself. Personally, if I wasn’t donating directly to a family I would donate to HMBANA.

So go on, get pumping!