Have yourself a gloomy little Christmas

I found these dolls looking for “organic doll” on Amazon: Planet Pixies!

They’re cute little Groovy Girl-esque soft dolls, and I was thinking of suggesting them for out of town relations as gifts for the kids. Then I read the description:

All over the planet, Pixies are losing their homes due to pollution, deforestation, and global warming. Now these Pixies need good homes and friends that will care for them and for the environment. Together you & your Pixie can learn about the environment & what you can do to protect it to ensure no more Pixies lose their homes! Planet Pixies are made with all natural and organic cotton. Each adorable Pixie provides information about a specific endangered region of the world from which they’re from, along with tips on what you can do to help.

I get that we need to teach children to be good stewards of the Earth. I’m all for it. But I think the effect of all this crud is going to be DEAF EARS and a strong sense of futility.

Can’t we just have little chemical free pixie dolls without the guilt? Please?

8 thoughts on “Have yourself a gloomy little Christmas

  1. I’m with you on this one. I am very into teaching my children to be good stewards of the environment and other resources, but I hate preachy toys. I also hate preachy cartoons. lol.

  2. They have those dolls in our local toy shop (LTS?) and they are super cute. They are quite a bit bigger than groovy gals. Much more baby-sized and cuddly. Rosaline/Mel wants one. I didn’t notice the guilt trip! LOL.

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