coffee update part 2

Sean got us some of the Walmart fair-trade coffee. It was difficult to find and it’s not cheap, but it’s excellent coffee. Next we’re going to try to find Yuban coffee, which, while not fair-trade, at least makes an attempt.


3 thoughts on “coffee update part 2

  1. I’ve tried the Sam’s Choice Rainforest Alliance and didn’t like it at all. Our WM doesn’t carry the other SC fair trade coffees in whole bean (I prefer to grind my own). I can get Yuban at my local supermarket chain, but it’s spendy so I’ve not tried that yet.

  2. I get the Yuban. I’m the only one who drinks coffee here, well other than the 10 year old, and so the extra cost isn’t so bad. The small can lasts me a good long time, and I like the coffee itself.

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