Labor Day meme

Via Melly and Melissa

How long were your labors?

  1. 8 hours
  2. 12 hours
  3. 16 hours
  4. 14 hours
  5. 12 hours
  6. 6 hours

How did you know you were in labor?

  1. Water broke while I was napping, contractions started about an hour later
  2. Contractions woke me up around 5AM
  3. Contractions woke me up around 5AM, petered out from 10-2, reorganized, he was born late that night
  4. Contractions woke me up around 5AM
  5. Contractions woke me up around 5AM (are you sensing a trend here?)
  6. Erratic stop start labor all day, water broke at 1AM and labor began in earnest.

Where did you deliver?

  1. Hospital
  2. At home
  3. At home
  4. At home
  5. At home
  6. Same hospital as #1





Who caught the baby?

  1. OB
  2. Midwife
  3. Midwife and Sean
  4. Midwife and Sean
  5. Sean
  6. Sean

2 thoughts on “Labor Day meme

  1. Hey, it’s called P-17, I had it administered by Matria Healthcare – tell your friend to google Matria and get on the phone with them. In the end her doctor will have to order it, but they will take care of her like no one else. They came to my house every week to administer the shot. And it’s the RIGHT medication (it’s a specialized form of progesterone that has to be specially compounded – they do it themselves).

    Email me if you need/want more info


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