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This natural health forum is the latest place I’ve discovered for ahem, “alternative” medicine. I originally wrote a paid review of it for mturk and I’ve since given it a deeper perusal. It’s not too busy, but it has a dedicated bunch of regular posters. Sometimes I don’t want to go to’s boards, or I want another viewpoint. Sometimes I like to rubberneck the biomed autism cure crowd – they have a different perspective than I do, to be sure, but we all have autistic kids who will become autistic adults, and it’s my experience (very limited) that most parents come around to accepting autism.

I like the Nutrition subforum. I’m not as crunchy woo as some of my friends but I try to avoid GMOs in my food (no Roundup Ready for me, thanks!) and high fructose corn syrup when possible. It’s kind of nice to go to a forum where I am absolutely not the weirdest. Although, again, the nutrition forum, esp. Traditional Foods, has this one beat by a mile.

So that’s one of the places I’ve found. Any interesting places y’all have discovered?

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  1. how’s the mturk going? i’ve tried doing it a few times but don’t get very far with it. i think i’ve earned about $2.12 or something like that.

    i’ll have to check out the link!

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