What was that book…?

I read the What was that book? community at Livejournal. Anyone can post what they remember of a book they can’t remember the title of, and anyone can post what book they think it is. It’s the sort of thing the Internet excells at, you know? There’s an unspoken informal competition going on to be the first to correctly identify a book*, and I’ve had several where I knew the book instantly but was not the first to post, consarn it.

But today I got my first FOUND!

Yay me!

It’s the little things that make a day, you know.

*Having worked in a bookstore really gives one an edge, but mine is dulled by the intervening years – I haven’t kept up with genres I don’t habitually read.

One thought on “What was that book…?

  1. Hooray for you! What a neat site, too. Do they have one for song lyrics like Name that Tune? You’d ace that!


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