Milk Share and breastmilk donation

I’m a milk donor and you can be too.

I am pumping and donating directly to a family in need and many (many!) more such families can be found through Milk Share, a list which connects donors and recipients. We are cash-poor and spare time is also hard to come by around here so it’s not often that I get to really help someone. It’s just a wonderful feeling.

Another option is to donate to a milk bank. There’s a controversy as to whether you should donate to a HMBANA bank, the nonprofit organization that collects freely donated milk and only charges a very minimal processing fee to hospitals, or to a Prolacta bank, which collects freely donated milk and resells it for up to $45 an ounce. You can google, decide for yourself. Personally, if I wasn’t donating directly to a family I would donate to HMBANA.

So go on, get pumping!

4 thoughts on “Milk Share and breastmilk donation

  1. I really wish I could make enough milk to do this! 🙁 I actually have a friend who helped me out a year ago when Jack was first born, before I was making enough to meet his demand! I was so, so thankful for her! You’re doing such an awesome service! Not only are you helping someone in need, but you are also helping them save money while the baby also benefits from the good nutrition! And your milk isn’t pasteurized either if you donate directly! 🙂 I know you know all this already. LOL! From this needy low-milk-making mom to a donor, THANK YOU!!! 🙂

  2. What an awesome thing! I just, wow. I never would have thought about that sort of charity, but it’s completely awesome.

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