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I was trying to find the name of that book Bre liked so much, Melissa #2, about PBS? And I found this site which is awesome!

They have all the station idents and studio logos you can think of, and they include the ‘scare factor’ for each one. I thought I was the only one creeped out by that kind of thing.

Bede loves station idents and studio logos almost as much as he loves fonts. He’s been reproducing them as well. So far he’s right on track for a career with his daddy in graphic design. He makes a mean PBS P-head – complete with intoning, “This is PBS.”

2 thoughts on “Closing Logos wiki

  1. While your son loves logos and all that, be chary of some that seem or are scary to him. Viacom’s ancient “V of Doom” (with the 1976-1985 closing ident) and it’s scarier, horrifying Russian cousin from the TV network VID (with its scary death mask – better avoid having him see the ident dating from 1990-1999, as it has the gray evil on an all-black screen and the scary orchestra hit that goes tum-tee-tum-tee-tum) are likely to make him wet his pants!

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