a few new things

I’ve started a new blog for our homeschool stuff. It’s at http://unschoolmonkey.wordpress.com and you’re welcome to wander by, but it’s mostly notes for me. I was inspired by Melissa Wiley’s Bonny Glen Up Close.

Also, I debated whether or not to add a political allegiance button to the blog and as you can see, decided yes, I would. I hope my more liberal friends remain with me, and I promise I won’t blog about politics!

I think that’s all for now.

7 thoughts on “a few new things

  1. If you think you’re liberal friends are, as of yet, unaware of your political leanings, then they can’t really have been reading your blog for very long :o). Plus, I need one republican-voting friend, gives me more liberal street cred, cuz it proves how tolerant I am. ;o)

  2. Some of your best friends are Republicans, you mean?

    I’m blogging where I got the button and the specific colors I chose for everyone who wants their own, for whatever candidate you wish.

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