So angry I could spit

I’m livid with anger at the Chinese toxic formula sicknesses and deaths.

I am all about breastfeeding.


But I know several women who HAVE TO use formula because they have very low milk supply. Low supply affects a lot of women, I’ve read various statistics, but I’d say five to ten percent is reasonable. And that’s not to mention all the women I know who were misinformed by doctors and others and ended up with formula because they eventually had no milk due to poor advice on breastfeeding.

The current theory is that someone is diluting the milk with water, then adding melamine powder to make it look like it’s actually high-protein milk. It’s not accidental.

Somebody in China just doesn’t care that this is killing babies. Living, breathing, lovely babies. It’s just luck that this hasn’t happened here.


3 thoughts on “So angry I could spit

  1. Seems like they don’t care about the effects of lead paint on children, either.

    Don’t know if you’ve been to visit my blog lately, but I wanted to share with you that I’m pregnant! We are due in early March! Yay!

  2. They arrested two brothers who gather and sell milk. I think it will be interesting if they try to pin all of this on two milk sellers. The manufacturer and distributors and yes, the Chinese govt should all be held responsible for this.

    I can almost see why this would happen in China. So many people so desperately poor…they’ll pay for what they can get. But the issues in America with lead paint, it all comes down to the consumer. For two decades, Americans have been content to purchase whatever was cheapest, regardless of where it came from…so manufacturers have been more willing to cut corners and provide them with exactly what they want, the cheapest.

    It’s probably one of the best things to happen to American Consumers. For once, they’re thinking about what they buy and where it’s going. I feel the same way about gas prices 😉

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