Sound bite

Everything is Trixie’s. “Hey! At’s MINE dolly!” “Hey! At’s MINE chair!” And my personal favorite, when she sees another kid in my lap if she has recently vacated it, “Hey! At’s MINE holdyou!”

Gloria is commando crawling everywhere. And very interested in food.

Gilbert is reading, thank you Starfall.

Faith is very indecisive about her Halloween costume and has become interested in costume design.

Abby is writing adventure stories, mostly fantasy, and some poetry.

Bede is watching old television station IDs and movie studio IDs on YouTube. Like this, I mean. For hours.

And that brings you to now.

3 thoughts on “Sound bite

  1. LOL! Breanna came running to see what the snazzy music is about!

    My kids have been watching Eddie Izzard on Youtube. It’s a refreshing step up from the nonstop Hannah Montana. Dh was concerned about the cursing….bwahahaha!

    Have I ever told you how weird my aspies are with costumes?

  2. Holdyou! That’s so cute!

    Evangeline just says “yappy”, though if she’s feeling really snuggly with me (not with anybody else, I think) she’ll refer to sitting in my lap with my arms hugging as her “buckle seat”. (Buckle seat = carseat)

    Ana used to say wa-wap.

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