Scarves for Special Olympians!

Coats and Clark is trying to get enough scarves for every Special Olympian in the 2009 Winter Games, and you can help! The scarves can be any design, knit or crochet, but must be in delft blue (885) and white (311) Red Heart Super Saver yarn. More information can be found at the Coats and Clark website.

I think we can manage at least one, with three knitters in the house – Abby learned too!

6 thoughts on “Scarves for Special Olympians!

  1. I wonder if I can get past my sensory issues with Red Heart Super Saver yarn to make one. lol. Seriously, my teeth hurt just thinking about knitting with that yarn again. Man…wish it were a different yarn. Ack. Maybe I should buy a skein now and do some OT desensitising for myself. 😀

  2. Jennifer – good luck! I’m not crazy about knitting with it but I can handle it for short periods. It makes my hands hurt if I knit too long and I also hate it when it squeaks. Shudder.

    Mom – I figured you’d be up for a scarf!

  3. Thanks for the link – I’m absolutely cringing at the thought of squeaky ACK!rylic yarn, but since it’s for a good cause and all …

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