Lent First Monday

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I’d say I sleep poorly about half the time. I’m still deeply grieving my parents’ deaths, and I think that has something to do with it. It’s not the babies, really, both little boys sleep well. Perry might wake in the night once a week or so, and Malcolm nurses around 11 and then is out for several hours. Nobody to blame but me.

So I’m pretty groggy today. I’m offering it up. The children are all still sleeping as I write.

Sleeping baby

Except for Dorothy who just woke up.

Little girl with stuffed animals

She’s watching one of the nine or so iterations of Littlest Pet Shop, a cute, if predictable show with bug-eyed animals learning important moral lessons. There are worse things. Notice her row of animals in front, to watch it with her. I do love six year olds. There’s my Bookshark IGs in front of her, I was in the middle of reading up for the day when she came in.

I think I hear Perry, and I need to go rouse the slugabeds.

Lent First Sunday

[Housekeeping: I changed to an Instagram plugin over there in the sidebar, along with a new theme. If you’re on mobile, the Instagram feed is down at the bottom now. EDIT: the plugin is janky, I’m working on it]

I want a real social life. I can’t go visit people because I have an autistic almost-five year old who needs all of my attention when we are at someone’s house or in public. The only place I can socialize is here. So! Now I’m setting a new goal: weekly open house. I’ll be home, with the kids, on Friday afternoons and evenings. I’ll have a snack and even dinner if you stay that long. All will be welcome. Don’t get too excited, I cant start this until mid-April after the kids finish drama class. But pencil us in. We have a whack of kids, a lot of wild land, a fenced, slightly less wild area, a ton of Nintendo games, and open hearts.

I miss the socialization of my youth, where things were more loose. I can’t manage that, but I can do this, what, planned spontaneity? Sure. I have two friends who do this but I can’t ever make it (see above re: autist.) I hope someone takes us up.

The time change cut us up this morning. Like many others, we missed Mass. Sigh. I’m a grownup, really.

Lent First Saturday

So far so good on the Facebook fast. I’ve caught myself a couple times defaulting to the website, by accident. I just closed it up and did something else. I have to check the group I moderate about twice a day, so I bookmarked a direct link.

The BILLY bookcases are filling up so quickly Sean told me to get two more. They’ll come next week, I’m still deciding where to put them. There’s room on that wall, but I have a giant world map that I want to put there. Those two are almost all homeschool books, with more to come.

We got a Memoria Press catalog last week with some penmanship material I ordered (they seem to have the best cursive program for an older student.) Sean really likes their curriculum but there is no way I could manage it, nor do I want to. I told him he needs to trade us in for a new family, sorry. I’m all in for Bookshark. He relented.

This year has gone well so far, speaking of Bookshark. We are on week 25 of Levels 3 and 6. A typical day is: wake the kids by 9:30 if they aren’t awake, though usually most are, eat breakfast, check in with each kid for their scheduled work for the day and what needs to be done, or questions from yesterday’s work. Then off they go. We have two computers that they use for Teaching Textbooks, so there’s usually no waiting, and they all have their own books for the other subjects.

I tried once to have Faith and Abby share a Sonlight Core and it was unpleasant, so now if two kids are in the same level I buy two of everything but read-alouds. Used copies means it only costs a little more than new.

While the big kids are working independently, I get Dorothy set up. She’s learning to read and write this year, with a mix of Reading Eggs and paper books, and Handwriting Without Tears. It takes about ten minutes with me and however long I let her do Reading Eggs. She does read-alouds too, but those are with her daddy at night.

The big kids check in with me as they finish each item, math, history, a chapter of a novel, and science. (We completely dropped the science experiments, sigh. Nobody was into it and it was a lot of work. I think next year will be better, it’s robotics!) They also write at least a page a day in their journals, for our unstructured language arts.

We also have a read-aloud going most of the time, which I read about every other day, to save my voice.

And on Tuesday they do homeschool drama class and PE.

Everyone’s done in a few hours and then they are free!

Lent Day -2

I’m off Facebook for Lent. It doesn’t start until Wednesday so I’m just prepping. I’m really looking forward to it though. I hid everyone on my feed and kept groups because I have to moderate a few, and it’s already less stressful. I’m also reading Digital Minimalism and liking that so far.

My birthday was last week and I turned 45. Hot damn!