i can’t heeeeaaar you

Today was too short! I didn’t manage to get many of the things I planned to do, done. I don’t quite know what took the time away. I think it’s the darkness coming so much earlier.

I’m all boiling with thoughts on adolescence and social development. Especially in an online environment. As regular readers of my blog will recall, Faith adores Club Penguin. The tenor and overall culture of the game has been changing in subtle and not-so-subtle ways in the last year, and it is much more schoolyard than before, with all that implies. Faith finds it more and more difficult to simply “play” on Club Penguin due to the polarized and often mildly predatory nature of boy/girl interactions. Tonight I showed her the beauty of the Ignore feature and I hope it helps. Lord knows it has made many message boards and Facebook more tolerable for me.