trick or treat!

The Halloween costume decision-making has begun! Here are the current top runners for each kid, by order of age.

Faith: an Empty Child. “Are you my mummy?”

Abby: Queen Elizabeth the First.

Bede: The Flying Dutchman’s Ghost, as portrayed by Sponge Bob.

Gilbert: The Tenth Doctor!

Trixie: Dorothy Gale

Gloria: The Wicked Witch of the West

dominoes, posting policy, camera

The children have been playing with a set of dominoes all afternoon. They aren’t playing dominoes proper, they’re setting them up and knocking them down. I don’t have the nerves for that as a pastime, especially with six kids all gamboling about.

I read a article about divided attention and how the Internet is rotting our brains. In honor of that, well, in honor of trying to stop brain rot, I’m going to stop making in-text links as a general rule.

I hope to get a new camera next week, which will stop the pictureless posting.

[Yes, the Internet is rotting your brain](

Cardinal Double 12 Color Dot Mexican Train Dominoes in Tin

Trixie’s language

Trixie adds extra syllables to words.

Clow-us is close
Ow-ut is out
Hur-ut is hurt
Cay-at is cat.

She needs a doctor’s kit for her birthday I think, too. Unrelated to the above.

She’s totally not obedient. I know some of it is her age and some of it is just her. And she does not do well with reproof or correction. I’m trying to keep her right next to me for much of the day so i can encourage the formation of new habits that don’t involve squishing the cat or socking her siblings. Or taunting them until they sock her. Today was the first day of the new routine and she doesn’t exactly like it. She was fine until she realized she HAD to stay with me. Then the screaming began.

i can’t heeeeaaar you

Today was too short! I didn’t manage to get many of the things I planned to do, done. I don’t quite know what took the time away. I think it’s the darkness coming so much earlier.

I’m all boiling with thoughts on adolescence and social development. Especially in an online environment. As regular readers of my blog will recall, Faith adores Club Penguin. The tenor and overall culture of the game has been changing in subtle and not-so-subtle ways in the last year, and it is much more schoolyard than before, with all that implies. Faith finds it more and more difficult to simply “play” on Club Penguin due to the polarized and often mildly predatory nature of boy/girl interactions. Tonight I showed her the beauty of the Ignore feature and I hope it helps. Lord knows it has made many message boards and Facebook more tolerable for me.