Mostly what I do is clean things.

I make things and clean up. I clean up what other people mess up. It’s tiring.

Sean gets things. It’s got to be a similar sort of futility, to be bringing home, oh, milk every week. Didn’t I just buy milk? he is heard to say. We’re out already? Really? Yes, I say. Already.

Our food budget is high, I think. It averages out to something like $80 per person, per month. I feel like that’s high. I feel like I should be able to get it down to $70, or even $50. $50! Wow. Imagine that.

But that means I have to make more things. Even more things. And it’s not the making as much as the cleaning-after-the-making that is wearing me down, man.

My usual response to this feeling is to get rid of stuff. Because if it isn’t a source of good it’s a source of pain, and I’m anti-pain. Especially stuff-related pain. I think a clearing of the house is in order.

2 thoughts on “Mostly what I do is clean things.

  1. Our food budget is lower than almost anyone I know and it's around $75 per person, but we eat out at least a couple of times a month and eat away from home with friends or family at least once a week, if not more (and that doesn't include Paul's lunch supplies, which he buys separately). So, in short, it sounds to me like you're doing pretty darn well at $80/person.

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