Crocs and Chucks (and Docs)

Crocs and Chucks, originally uploaded by feebeeglee.

I was sorting shoes when it occurred to me that all we wear is Chuck Taylors and Crocs (or imitations thereof.) Except Sean; he wears Docs or Chucks.

That sums us up, yeah?

4 thoughts on “Crocs and Chucks (and Docs)

  1. i love the star ones! i know some folks look down on crocs, but i think they’re so comfortable! i have a pink ballet slipper-type that i wear all of the time, but i may have to search out some with stars! (also have red chucks)

  2. i can;t see the pic…. but that is all l we wear too – except add “kean” to the list of shoes. (or knock offs of them)

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