Just One More Thing

So we finished Rome, which was great. That tipped us back into the world of Netflix Watch Instantly, and we decided to continue working our way through Columbo.

I love Columbo. The disheveled coat and messy hair! The ancient, sputtering Peugeot convertible! The dog! Sigh.

Everyone underestimates Columbo, of course, which is part of the fun; watching the killer as he goes from magnanimous and self-assured to agitated and hostile, peppered incessantly by Columbo’s absentminded but penetrating questions, is one of the best things about the show.

Last night Sean and I watched “Mind Over Mayhem” from Season Three. It was fun. It has

A clunky chess-playing Robbie the Robot
A child genius
Charlie X of classic Star Trek fame
Jose Ferrer
Beep boop beep cybernetic supercomputers

While not the best Columbo ever, it was tight, and watching the robot type! on some sort of teletype machine! was awesome. The entire series is on Netflix Watch Instantly. I especially liked:

“A Stitch in Crime” with Leonard Nimoy
“The Bye Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case” about a Mensa-esque group
“The Most Crucial Game” with Robert Culp and Dean Stockwell
And, probably my favorite of all, “Fade In To Murder”, with William Shatner, playing a television detective in a delightful bit of meta.

That’s all for now, ma’am. Oh, wait, just one more thing…

2 thoughts on “Just One More Thing

  1. did you watch both seasons of rome?
    what an amazing show – any mention of it brings me out of the woodwork.

    as does reading about you cooking massive quantities of food. im such a non-family type yet somehow i really like hearing about your cooking. it is comforting – in a way ill likely never know!

  2. Amy: we LOVED Rome. This was Sean's second viewing, my first. We watched them all. I wish there was more.

    This kind of cooking is fun. We scoff at “family size” packages. They usually feed maybe half of us 🙂

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