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The children have been playing with a set of dominoes all afternoon. They aren’t playing dominoes proper, they’re setting them up and knocking them down. I don’t have the nerves for that as a pastime, especially with six kids all gamboling about.

I read a article about divided attention and how the Internet is rotting our brains. In honor of that, well, in honor of trying to stop brain rot, I’m going to stop making in-text links as a general rule.

I hope to get a new camera next week, which will stop the pictureless posting.

[Yes, the Internet is rotting your brain](

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  1. I no nothing of the shallows….but am not sure I agree with the brain rotting-ness of the web. I guess I'm in the “depends how you use it” camp. I don't see the internet as a replacement for literature…I see it as a source for information and news- and having that information at my fingertips makes me much more likely to actually seek it, rather than simply wonder about something and put it on my mental to do list to look up next time I'm at the library. I think there is a great deal of information sorting that goes on, and determining whether or not the specific article is what you are looking for before reading it thoroughly…similar to thumbing through an informational text on paper. Thing is, there is a lot more info on the www than there is in most books, so we have to be a little more discerning about what we even bother to consider reading.
    I truly believe that because of the web, I spend probably an hour more a day reading than I would otherwise. SO it may be in snippets….my brain is still working to determine which snippets contain the information I need anyway. For curious fols like myself, it is a dream come true….why are my tomato leaves all twisted? What am I REALLY putting on my lawn? Was that a butterfly or a moth that little girl found, and what was it called? How the HELL do I get rid of the squirrels that have invaded my attic?
    If I want literature, i read a book….but to honest, I will probably never read War and Peace….and I wouldn't have before the internet either.
    Besides, I think there is a great deal of concentration, problem solving and prediction that goes into setting up dominoes to knock them down….maybe next week, you should try building houses with playing cards…..
    it's all about the balance- and I am happy you have a household that OWNS dominoes!

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