Halloween is tomorrow, but TPTB decided we would trick or treat tonight.

Here are the Glees.


Gilbert is the Tenth Doctor, Bede is Scrat, Faith is a gas mask “Muuuummy” zombie, Trixie and Gloria are both Dorothy Gale, and Abaigeal is Queen Elizabeth.

This was the first time out for both Bede and Gloria and they both did smashingly well. Bede attempted to go in the first house we hit, then gradually got the drift and by the last house was scripting the whole thing like a pro! Gloria’s adorable “Happy HalloWEEN!” thrown over her shoulder as we walked off each time was awesome.


Gil and Faith


Dorothy #1, telling me “I don’t know how to make a Dorfy face.”


Scrat shows us his squirrel tail.


Queen Elizabeth


Dorothy #2

5 thoughts on “BOO!

  1. They are all perfect. But, as you know, Gilbert is darling. He is the perfect child Tenth Doctor!

    I am so glad you guys had fun. More tonight, or is that it?

  2. Awww! They are all perfect – Gilbert's pose is awesome. I love Bede's squirrel tail, I hadn't pictured it looking so realistic. And what great pictures! I'm going to think of the first picture as the default Gleeson children picture from now on. 🙂

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