doctor doctor gimme the news

We found a doctor and she’s great! She was respectful, kind, and competent. We will be returning. She is fine with our weird selective vaccination plans.

Trixie does indeed have asthma, as I feared. She was prescribed Singulair, which blocks leukotrienes. I am almost certain the Federation fought the leukotrienes along the edge of the Neutral Zone, so I’m really glad they won’t be in Trixie’s lungs any longer.

(Also daily fluticasone propionate (Flonase) and albuterol as needed.)

Gloria’s bizarre rash is healing and merited no treatment. The doctor said to bring her in if it comes back though.

And last but not least both girls were immunized today against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and polio.

I hope this brings the Saga of Medical Discontent to an end.

is there a doctor in the house

There’s not, you know. Today I called ten doctors and none of them could take us, either because they flat-out don’t take Medicaid or because they aren’t accepting new Medicaid patients. The latter is what really bothers me. The office staff was all pleased to talk to me (and said they were admitting new patients) and then they heard “Medicaid” and BOOM down came the Gates of Discrimination.

The only places we can get in are Resident-O-Matic clinics, where we never see the same doctor twice, the staff is rude and the wait times are thirty to forty-five minutes in the waiting room and as much again in the examining room. If you do luck out and get a doctor you like, she’s gone in a year because she’s done with her residency.

It really makes me mad.

I haven’t checked recently, but a few years ago over half the children born ithat year n Oklahoma were SoonerCare clients. There’s a huge disconnect here, do you see it?

I had an idea for health care. What if all children under 18 got free health care, regardless of income? Just like all children get free education through 12th grade. And just like all adults over 65 get free health care, regardless of income.

Huh? Equalize the playing field a little? Could it work?

Gil is sick, girls’ haircuts

Gilbert is sick. He might have picked it up at Capitol Day, or somewhere else, who knows. He woke up puking. In a large family such as mine the domino effect lives large, so I’m preparing for the other five to sick up. I’m washing my hands every time I have anything to do with Gilbert in the fervent hope I can avoid this myself. Siiiiigh.

Today’s events include: caring for Gilbert, washing my hands every three minutes, baking that bread I made last night, which is about to overflow the bowl by this point, and the bulk of my day will be prepping for the Oncoming Sick. I have to make sure everything not washable is put away for a week or until the sickness fades so it won’t get puked on. Also making sure all the towels and prefolds are washed.

In other news, Faith and Abby got haircuts yesterday and they both look soooo cute! Abby got a stacked bob/wedge and Faith got a blunt cut right above her shoulders. Tres chic.

New year, new URL

Welcome to, your source for feebeeglee and feebeeglee accessories.

We’ve had quite a time of it the last few weeks. We now have all new plumbing throughout the house and three kids almost recovered from strep throat, impetigo, and scarlet fever, with bonus meningitis scare. Not a good scene.

The good news of the last few weeks is: we are moving this year. To a yet-to-be built house, even.

The lot we want is in Mustang, about ten miles from here. They say the house will be done by June. The builder is the premier [green builder in Oklahoma]( so my crunchy heart is happy. Since it’s not built yet, we got to pick a floorplan, and we will get to pick everything else too. Massively exciting! The monthly amount to live in the new house will be the same as we pay to rent here, if not a little less.

So far I’m leaning toward laminate flooring everywhere but the bathrooms. I despise carpet.