is there a doctor in the house

There’s not, you know. Today I called ten doctors and none of them could take us, either because they flat-out don’t take Medicaid or because they aren’t accepting new Medicaid patients. The latter is what really bothers me. The office staff was all pleased to talk to me (and said they were admitting new patients) and then they heard “Medicaid” and BOOM down came the Gates of Discrimination.

The only places we can get in are Resident-O-Matic clinics, where we never see the same doctor twice, the staff is rude and the wait times are thirty to forty-five minutes in the waiting room and as much again in the examining room. If you do luck out and get a doctor you like, she’s gone in a year because she’s done with her residency.

It really makes me mad.

I haven’t checked recently, but a few years ago over half the children born ithat year n Oklahoma were SoonerCare clients. There’s a huge disconnect here, do you see it?

I had an idea for health care. What if all children under 18 got free health care, regardless of income? Just like all children get free education through 12th grade. And just like all adults over 65 get free health care, regardless of income.

Huh? Equalize the playing field a little? Could it work?

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  1. I would totally dig that, but then, I get called a socialist liberal routinely.
    I would like to see healthcare treated as a right of citizenship. Paid for with taxes, single payer and get rid of all the bs insurance companies. Although, if I were elected supreme dictator of the world, I would give every displaced employee job retraining, with some kind of a nice bonus if they went into health care.
    I'm so sorry about the state of Medicare in OK. We used it for Aaron for one year after we moved out here before Wayne got a better job and it was really hard. That said, the rent-a-resident clinic over by Integris Baptist on 56th and Lake Hefner Parkway wasn't terrible. I got good care for him and the wait times weren't abysmal. I guess you called Dr. Knox and it didn't work out? 🙁

  2. Oh, and at least in 2006, that clinic I mentioned you did get an attending, (although they'd be gone in a year like you said) but your appointments were all with the same doctor. Still, it isn't the best situation.

  3. I like the concept, but people will find a way around it. Sure there's free public education, but private schools are seen as a neccessity here in Baltimore if you're above a certain income level. My opinion is that unless everybody from every social group cares about and participates in public education the schools will always have problems. So, even if all kids are covered with a uniform insurance, there will be doctors and clinics that charge an extra fee for those who want to separate themselves from everybody else.

  4. Not sure what part of Oklahoma you are in, but my children go to Tahlequah Pediatrics, and they accept Soonercare.

  5. did you end up finding a dr? My friend's Pediatrician is good and takes sooner care, and so far she seems pretty open about the vaccination stuff. Her name is Freeman…email if you want more info and i'll get it for you.

  6. I have an appointment with someone tomorrow. I'll let you know how it goes. She's a family practitioner, not a resident.
    I'm nervous.

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