Gil is sick, girls’ haircuts

Gilbert is sick. He might have picked it up at Capitol Day, or somewhere else, who knows. He woke up puking. In a large family such as mine the domino effect lives large, so I’m preparing for the other five to sick up. I’m washing my hands every time I have anything to do with Gilbert in the fervent hope I can avoid this myself. Siiiiigh.

Today’s events include: caring for Gilbert, washing my hands every three minutes, baking that bread I made last night, which is about to overflow the bowl by this point, and the bulk of my day will be prepping for the Oncoming Sick. I have to make sure everything not washable is put away for a week or until the sickness fades so it won’t get puked on. Also making sure all the towels and prefolds are washed.

In other news, Faith and Abby got haircuts yesterday and they both look soooo cute! Abby got a stacked bob/wedge and Faith got a blunt cut right above her shoulders. Tres chic.

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