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We’ve had quite a time of it the last few weeks. We now have all new plumbing throughout the house and three kids almost recovered from strep throat, impetigo, and scarlet fever, with bonus meningitis scare. Not a good scene.

The good news of the last few weeks is: we are moving this year. To a yet-to-be built house, even.

The lot we want is in Mustang, about ten miles from here. They say the house will be done by June. The builder is the premier [green builder in Oklahoma]( so my crunchy heart is happy. Since it’s not built yet, we got to pick a floorplan, and we will get to pick everything else too. Massively exciting! The monthly amount to live in the new house will be the same as we pay to rent here, if not a little less.

So far I’m leaning toward laminate flooring everywhere but the bathrooms. I despise carpet.

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