2020-21 plans

(NB: We stopped Seton, it was too dry for us.)

The Littles

Perry (3): Pre-school. Simply Classical A, but just for fun.

Clementine (6): Kindergarten. Simply Classical B.

Dorothy (8): Second grade. Simply Classical 2/3, Seton Math FYC 1 and Teaching Textbooks 3, First Communion prep.

The Trio and Bede

Gloria (12): Seventh grade. Memoria Press 7.

Trix (14): Ninth grade. Simply Classical 7/8.

Gilbert (15): Tenth grade. Memoria Press 9.

Bede (17): Eleventh grade. Self-directed, Xtramath and Teaching Textbooks.

The Trio will also be doing IEW Structure and Style, Teaching Textbooks, Confirmation prep and Art of Argument. Everyone but Clemmie and Bede will be in Drama, Art, and Dance.

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