Back to Bookshark (and Sonlight)

We didn’t like Memoria Press. It was too dry. The literature guides made the children irritated to despondent. I don’t homeschool for that, so, I said, y’all want to go back to Bookshark? YES, they said. We’ll be keeping Latin and Composition but otherwise back to the best.

Gilbert and Trixie will be in Level 100, American History. It picks up about where they left off in Level 6, around the discovery of the New World by Columbus, and goes through the end of the 20th Century. Gloria will be in Sonlight W, One-Year World History, which I happen to have in the old 4-day format. Bookshark doesn’t make a one- year condensed at that level. I could go with Level 6 with her and then Level 7, but for now we’ll shoot for one year. Next year Gil and Trix will be in Level 8, and Gloria will be in Level 5, probably.

Dorothy has been doing Bookshark K and will continue.

This will change our schedule around though. We’ve been year-round with a short break in summer. Gilbert’s best friend is a. in high school and b. in Michigan, so summer is a big time for them to game together. I think we’ll go half-time in summer, but I’ll play it by ear.

We start Monday!

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