Two weeks in high tide

Homeschool high tide is going well so far. Gilbert is on week two of World History and just finished up one of my favorite books, Time Cat, by Lloyd Alexander. He’s also reading Child’s History of the World. Trixie and Gloria are done with week one of US History.

I’m keeping records, but it’s boring.

Health dept

I went to the health department today to obtain proof of pregnancy. It means I’m qualified for Medicaid, for one, which I hope not to need much since we’re planning another homebirth. But it will cover any tests/labwork for me. It also makes it a lot easier to get a birth certificate in the event of an unassisted birth, which we’ve had a couple times in the past. (This time we’ll have a midwife though, same one for Quiney and Perry.)

The health department was actually not unpleasant. They tend to be on your side there, and want you to succeed, unlike the employees of some other government services. The food stamp people can be just awful, for instance. I talked to three different people today and each of them was competent, kind, and friendly. A real plus. Way to go, Logan County.

OK really I think I’ve got it + work update

So, not Bookshark. But! Only because I got a great deal on two used Sonlight cores that correspond to those Bookshark years. Core D+E (US History) and Core W (World History.) Got both of them for way less than half what Bookshark new would have been. And, honestly, I really wanted to do one-year World History with Gilbert, not two. Then next year we can do an 8th-9th grade History of Science year or a 9th-10th grade US History. Pending what he wants, of course.

I’ll be using our own catechisms instead of the bible commentaries they provide, but that was already my plan.

Sean got some pretty long-term freelance work today. His unemployment ran out last week, so the timing is good. It shouldn’t interfere with any full time work he finds in the meantime, as it’s very much a side gig. Whew, thank the Lord, amen.

firming up

OK here’s the tentative plan for most of the kids. Abby is very self-directed this year and Dorothy will be doing her Dorothy thing and learning to read. Bede expressed a desire to have stuff to do like Gilbert (a frequent motivating factor, he wants to be like Gilbert in most things) so I have some things planned for him.


  • BookShark 6+7 World History
  • Faith and Life 7
  • Saxon 7/6 and Algebra 1/2
  • Physical Science


  • BookShark 4 Condensed US History
  • Faith and Life 5
  • Saxon 3 and 5/4
  • Natural history


  • BookShark 4 Condensed US History
  • Faith and Life 4
  • Saxon 3
  • Natural history


  • Self led Social Studies (mostly continued Wikipedia devouring)
  • Faith and Life 3
  • Arithmetic review

made it!

Linux Mint is alive and kicking on my machine! A process not entirely snag-free but I got ‘er done after mucking with the BIOS.

I bored all the children with tales of my life before I had them, working in tech support and installing OSes. “Why, back then we had floppy drives! You kids don’t know what it is, this wondrous age you live in!” Zzzzz. You know though, it was such a pain in the ass. The first time I installed Linux I couldn’t even use my CD-ROM drive because there wasn’t a driver for it. I had to WRITE MY OWN DRIVER.

I did, too.

Uphill both ways!

small hard drive, big security updates

Stupid Windows. It won’t download any patches because there’s not 8GB free on my hard drive. I realize that’s not a big deal to most, but this HP Stream is really fast, really miserly with power, and has a correspondingly tiny SSD. I’m so tired of it. So, it’s my final time to attempt a Linux conversion. I’m downloading Linux Mint right now and I hope it works.

See you on the flip side.

Dinner for the week 2-18 to 2-24

Sunday: Meatball subs

Monday: Glazed leg quarters in the Instant Pot, then popped under the broiler.

Tuesday: Pork tenderloin with broccoli and possibly sweet potatoes

Wednesday (Ember Day of Lent): Pasta and sauce

Thursday: Loaded cauliflower casserole

Friday (Ember Day of Lent): Eggs and potatoes

Saturday (Ember Day of Lent): Bean burritos

Meal planning is going well as you see. This week has three meatless days, which about takes the cake for my versatility and crowd pleasing options. The Ember Days are seasonal days of fasting and abstinence, and for the first time in many years my calendar doesn’t have them! I’m irked. Of course, everyone is meatless on Fridays since it’s Lent, anyway, though we keep fasting Friday year round.