back to normal

Well. That’s over. We’ll see how it goes. My candidate didn’t get out of the primaries and both of the bigs left me unimpressed, so I guess I didn’t care that much.

I took the kids with me to vote (I always do) and got to cut in line because of the baby. Which was nice. Maybe they just wanted to get babies out quickly because if they start crying everyone is miserable? Who can say. In any event, I gladly took the chance to cut.

Today the big girls have finished their math book! Since we homeschool year round the milestones come at irregular intervals. Which is a contradiction, I realize, but I’m one-handed here and I hope you understand. So tomorrow, for their reward, they get to… start their new textbook. Yeah! There may also be a token or two of my esteem.

Here is Faith doing the last lesson.

Appropriately enough she is wearing a Dalek t-shirt. EXTERMINATE!


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