Navigating the wireless wilds

So when we move, we’ll need a new cell carrier. We currently have prepaid service from Virgin Mobile, which uses the Sprint network. It’s great, but we have no coverage in the sticks. So we have to switch.

I am leaning toward AT&T. They have good coverage where we are and Sean and I could share a plan. It will still be more expensive than we are currently paying but I am considering getting rid of our land line when we move and going all wireless. That would even it out.

We can pay $160/mo and get unlimited talk/text along with 6GB to share. I currently use about 100MB a month, so I would use that for a hotspot for my laptop and the kids’ computer. That would cut down on the satellite internet as well.

I realize this is all very boring. Here is a photograph of the long-and-getting-longer Abby.

We’re buying a new couch.

Sean will be hard to convince to drop our land line, but I don’t see the advantage. If anyone has any convincing arguments for either side please let me know.

A side effect of switching carriers is getting new phones. I’ll confess I’m pretty pumped about that. I take about a hundred times more pictures with my phone than I ever did with my camera, largely due to Dropbox and auto-upload. So getting a phone with a boss new camera is a Big Deal. Sean doesn’t do subsidized contract equipment if he can avoid it, so we’ll both be buying. I am leaning toward the new Google Nexus 4.

Goodness this is a boring post. Here is another photograph, of the little girls playing outside.

Not a very good photograph, but isn’t it more interesting than cell phone plans?

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