Dorothy, and talk of scorpions

First a picture or two of Dorothy, to soothe the easily spooked:

So, yeah. Scorpions. I saw one about a month or so ago, and had planned for it accordingly, e.g., no beds on the floor anymore, clothes and toys kept picked up, check shoes before wearing, and so forth. Then the guys who are doing some interior work got into the ventilation system and WHOA NELLY. “It was like Indiana Jones in there!” said Terry. So I was right. When you see one scorpion there are definitely more.

Today I will find out what to do about them. The acute problem and the chronic one will likely have different solutions. I’m pretty confident that I can keep them down with boric acid and diatomaceous earth once we get rid of the ones currently partying in our air vents. Also very glad the house only has central h/a downstairs.

So far in my life I have dealt with fleas, wasps, mice, meal moths, cockroaches, ants, black widows, rats, ticks, and now scorpions. Never bedbugs or lice though!

(Yet. Shudder.)

3 thoughts on “Dorothy, and talk of scorpions

  1. Yikes! With seven kids, I am surprised you have never had any of them come home with head lice. I had it at least three or four times as a kid, and it is a royal PIA for the whole house. Hope you get your scorpion problem under control pronto!

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