saturday pictures

Hey look!


It’s Abby!


You’re going to clean up all that cut paper, right?


Sigh. Ah, here’s Gilbert!


And Trixie!


Oh, I got all the fabric! That’s red wool twill, white linen, unbleached cotton muslin, light blue check wool flannel, purple check wool twill, and black/grey coating underneath it all.


Faith approves.


The end.

4 thoughts on “saturday pictures

  1. oh I <3 the fabric. I am hoping to get some plaid shirting fabric soon and try my hand at making shirts. Should be fun and interesting :). AFTER, of course, I make halloween costumes (2 dragons, 2 vikings, one undead warlock, the muse Io, and baby Perseus) and the two costumes that I have commissioned. ACK!

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