holding pattern

I got some of the fabric for our garb yesterday, and three penannular brooches to hold our brats. Brats being the cloaks we’ll wear, not the children themselves. It’s said “braht”, I’m told.

The ones I got for the girls are similar, just a little smaller.

I’d show you the pins in our cloaks, but the fabric that came yesterday is the linen and cotton I purchased for our leinte. I’m supposed to get the wool on Monday.

This is meshing so well with our homeschool studies. Faith has already picked an SCA name and Abby is pretty excited about making our garb. Now to get that machine threaded… I think I’ll make a little test leine for a teddy bear this weekend.

British Museum on penannular brooches

2 thoughts on “holding pattern

  1. love! We're in the stone age, and the boys are LOVING it. Sam and Dan spent most of yesterday afternoon running around in the park with fabric tied around their waists being 'our ancestors'

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