gleeson is denied

What follows is some long navelgazing about my inability to regulate my internet usage.

I changed my Facebook password a while back. I used a different password schema than I usually use and I traded some letters for numbers, and then I didn’t use it for a month.

I’ve since forgotten it.

I tried to log in last night and I couldn’t. Now, I know I could request it – and I might – but I don’t think I will. I had been checking in on a few folks and looking at my wall, to see if anyone Liked my most recent blog entries. I’m notified by email if anyone actually comments, and I don’t have to log in to read it. So the story is now, if you Like me I won’t know it unless you also comment. Just so you know.

Facebook eats my time. I tried to go back a little bit but the neophilla takes over. I don’t know if that’s actually a word, but what I mean by it is the way Facebook rewards my brain with new drips of information. No good. I am unable to regulate it. I’m also getting rid of friends-only blogs and subbing to everyone in Google Reader. I used GTweet to put Twitter into Google Reader as well. Maybe with only one site to visit I’ll be less likely to get distracted.

I’m interested in so much outside the Internet. I’m attempting to sew (Gloria the Guinea Pig’s leine is almost finished, pictures to follow,) and the fall knitting season is upon me, and we’re high-tide homeschooling daily, and I have so many books to read.

There’s so many wonderful things I don’t want to waste a moment.

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4 thoughts on “gleeson is denied

  1. I like you, too. And yes, Facebook sucks up way too much of my day as well. Constantly New! Constantly Changing! Constantly Improved! And Rarely Important!

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