Today was very long, and busy, but I can’t really remember it. We enjoyed the lovely weather outside, and drew pictures, and baked brownies, and did many things. I washed dishes at least three times, because we ate three meals and we have no dishwasher. I did laundry. I changed diapers. I discussed Matters of Import with various family members. I talked on the phone and was visited by a friend. I made enchiladas for dinner and they were awesome.

I’m tired and three of the kids are still awake. Dang.

Oh, I watched Waters of Mars. I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but it was really, really top-notch. David Tennant’s acting was the best I’ve ever seen. Bring on The End of Time! (only don’t, because [sob] I don’t want to say goodbye to Ten.)

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  1. ok maybe i’m weird but i didn’t think it that great an episode. but it seems i’m in the slim majority… hmmm. maybe i hould rewatch it.

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