I’m doing Christmas pre-shopping, deciding what I want to get for each child. It’s so difficult! Trixie will be getting a new toy barn, Gloria a very paticular toy cat with a handknitted sweater (by both myself and Faith), Abby a series of books called Dear Dumb Diary aaaaand… that’s it so far. This is one of the most fun and most agonizing times of year to have six children!

So dear reader, what are you giving to the children in your life for Decemberween?

5 thoughts on “decisions!

  1. Both of my girls want a skateboard and lots of books. They also want (and need) new sparring gear for Taekwondo. My oldest would like a cell phone, but since she’s only 11 we are very much against her having one yet.

  2. okay, here goes.
    LOGAN: an optimus prime, and an ambulance
    LILITH: a barbie riding a horse, and a potholder loom
    Gryphon: A Starscream and I have no idea. possibly legos
    IVY: a swinging princess castle, and some pocket fairy dolls from magic cabin
    ROWAN: I have no idea. He’ll probably end up with something lightning McQueen. I’d love to get him a tricycle but we’ll see.
    plus everyone gets socks and underwear

  3. well, our Christmas is pretty much wrapped up for the next 48 months (car payment). But I am making juggling balls for each, crowns/ hats/ capes/ dressup as much as I can muster. House shoes, flannel jammies. Kassi will get a dress. If there is any money around we will buy some books for ds and the TMBG dvds, or Leap Frog dvds. If family asks what to buy the two olders I will tell them the new Zelda ds game for tristan and the Tinkerbell ds game for roo. Karl is making a wooden knight’s castle.

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