know your market

Some LDS missionary boys came to visit today. They’re so cute. It kills me that they’re “Elder” when I’m twice their age. One was Elder Bill and the other was Elder L-something-Venezuelan. They were pleased with my large brood and the fact that we homeschool, and no doubt disappointed that we’re staunchly RC.

Bede was very interested in them because they offered him a book and some prayer cards but mostly because they had nametags. “ELDER BILL ON YOUR BLACK PIN!!!!” he noted, and then in a delighted undertone, “Helvetica. Mmmhnnmm!”

That’s my boy.

6 thoughts on “know your market

    1. I guess people aren’t, huh? He said that folks were just horrible to them in Southern California and that he had found Oklahoma people to be much nicer.

  1. Yay Bede! I love his font love…reminds me of my dad 😉
    and I’m always nice to them. whether or not i agree with their belief system, i admire their courage in going door to door.

  2. Helvetica, LOL! That’s awesome.

    I am reasonably cordial with door-to-door religion salesmen, though I do like to point out to the Mormons in particular that I take strong exception to their anti-gay political agenda, and that if I were ever to become a Christian, it would *not* be with the likes of them. Most politely, of course.

  3. Ha! I love the “Helvetica” thing especially. I’m lds so it’s always fun to read of others’ encounters with the missionaries. My little brother just got back from a mission in Russia.

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