I made laundry soap

Oh yes I did! I used a bar Dr. Bronner’s (grated) and a cup of washing soda and two gallons of hot water and by gum it worked!

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6 thoughts on “I made laundry soap

  1. cool!

    We used washing soda and some bar soap that i read online and bought at walmart, can’t remember what though.

    I didn’t add water and make it liquid though, since the kids help with laundry and liquid is usually just a pita lol!

  2. Feebs,
    I hope you’re not offended, but you have just become my crunchiest friend. And I love you for it, you hippie!

    When are you going to teach me to knit? I have cold children who have no sweaters. The poor, poor dears.

    Love you!
    the Mom

  3. Okay, sorry, can’t resist:

    “Little Herman, and brother Thurmon, had an aversion, to washing their ears.

    Their mother washed them with Grandma’s lye soap, and they haven’t hear a word in years!”

  4. Fee,
    Testament to small town grocery stores. I couldn’t find washing soda or Fels Naptha bar soap when I wanted to make my own so on one of my trips to Country Boy in Harrah, I found the washing soda and asked the manager if he could order the Fels Naptha for me….poor guy had no idea what I was talking about but he got out his book and looked and looked but still hadn’t found it when I left. The next time I went in ….there it was on the laundry isle…YAY!!!!! Try that at Wallyworld!

    I make mine powdered out of Fels Naptha, borax, washing soda and baking soda.

  5. I’ve made my own soap before but it seemed like the color clothes bled onto the lighter ones. Have you found that to be true yet with your recipe? Keep me aprised if you think of it, will you? I’m out for some colorfastness. :o)

  6. oh I need that motivation! add that to my list of things I need ot get around to doing it…

    review it for us… how do you like it? does it clean up well? leave any residue?

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