School supplies 2008

Just a few notes for me.

  • Child’s History of the World to read aloud. Loved it as a kid.
  • Unifix cubes EDIT: Cuisenaire rods?
  • Undecided on math. Singapore, probably EDIT: Perhaps Miquon?
  • A globe and an atlas. Online’s not cutting it for a real sense of scale.
  • OKCMOA membership

5 thoughts on “School supplies 2008

  1. C is itching for some math stuff and I haven’t decided on any manipulatives/books yet. Singapore was on my list though. What level makes sense to start with, do you think?

  2. cuisinaire rods are yummy. Just a warning. 😉 ours have bite marks all over them. Except the ones that got taped together to make swords. I do love the cuisinaire work books, VERY awesome.

    I think all of those manipulatives are fun for different reasons. I also think legos are just as effective for ratio and math and more flexible.

    Omniplex has these great inflatable globes that I have been considering. They are 1)inflatable fun and 2) have texture for mountains just like a hard globe. We had a hard globe until someone dropped it and it split in half.

    We don’t have separate math books, but what has been really great are these workbooks from Sam’s club, pretty much has everything in it…very comprehensive and inexpensive. I can also look into getting those school books if you want. One good thing about this district that is getting rid of them, is that they don’t have politics involved in the learning process. It’s a small indep district, and one of the best hidden resources in the state.

  3. Well, I have Miquon also, if you wanna take a look. I prefer the miquon but the kids seem to grab the singapore more often. Isabelle really likes the cuisenaire rods but the other two never really liked them much, but then again, she’s a lot more visual-spatial than Kameron and Andrew.

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