laptop for Bede – done! 2go pc ftw!

Last week I mentioned that I’d be buying Bede a laptop with his SSI back pay money. I was leaning towards the ASUS eee, but instead I went with the 2go PC, the second generation of the Intel Classmate. It’s designed especially for kids to use and abuse (it can withstand a 6-foot [1.8m] drop, for one thing) and it looks like just what we need. The eee seemed too flimsy for the likes of a 5 year old autistic boy who likes to balance things on his feet while he lies on his back.

Laptopmag’s blog has a pretty good review of it, with a video to show how small it is. It’s about the size of a trade paperback and weighs less than 3 pounds, and it gets around 3 hours of use per charge.

I’m very excited.

5 thoughts on “laptop for Bede – done! 2go pc ftw!

  1. Highly durable is great! Are you going to install Windows over the Linux that it comes with? There aren’t many kids’ games that run on Linux…. (nevermind) of course, there are millions of kids’ games that run in a browser. Yeh for the interweb! (well the one on Amazonia that you leaked on has Linux preloaded. The link on Laptopmag mentioned XP). Cool. Wireless and wired network capable…awesome! He can take it with him and connect to online games at hot spots in the wild…excellent! — zac_zac xanga

  2. That is cute! I can’t wait to hear how Bede does road testing it! The three hour charge is awesome! I’ve been debating a desktop for the girls, but eventually maybe something like this would be fun. So happy he’ll have this–what fun!

  3. from the little i know of bede, somehow linux seems more appropriate. i’m excited for him. i can’t wait to hear of his exploits. i wish you guy would write a book about your approach.

    i’m confident that it’d make an impact on the the mainstream rearing of autistic kids. he is such a lucky fellow to have you guys as parents.


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