Ford Econoline

We just got a new (to us) 1988 Ford Econoline Club Wagon diesel van! Our friend Kenny gave it to us because he’s just about the most awesome man on the planet.

It looks a lot like this:

Sean’s not a gambler, and we’re Catholic, not Mormon. Oh, and we have six kids instead of five, so I spect he’s got nothin to worry about.

But go have a listen to Nancy Griffith singing “Ford Econoline” anyway, because it’s just a great song.

She drove west from Salt Lake City to the California coastline
She hit the San Diego Freeway doing sixty miles an hour
She had a husband on her bumper
She had five restless children
She was singing sweet as a mockingbird in that Ford Econoline

She’s the salt of the earth
Straight from the bosom of the Mormon church
With a voice like wine
Cruising along in that Ford Econoline

Now her husband was a gambler, he was a Salt Lake City rambler
He built a golden cage around his silver-throated wife
Too many nights he left her crying with his cheating and his lying
But his big mistake was him buying her that Ford Econoline

Now she sings her songs around this country
From Seattle to Montgomery
Those kids are grown and that rounder knows
You cannot cage your wife
Along the back roads of our nation, she’s become a living legend
She drives a Coupe DeVille but her heart rides still
In that Ford Econoline

11 thoughts on “Ford Econoline

  1. YAY!

    I’m so excited for you…we were just talking last night (on our way back from the in-laws, four hour drive) that we need to give up our dreams of all fitting into the excursion and get an econoline. Technically there are enough seats, practically, however, it’s a nightmare to have us all smooshed in there.

  2. congratulations!!!

    the mormon ride of choice when i was growing up was the ford aerostar & the like…that’s what marc’s family drove (6 kids total). i only had one brother, so no van for us. 🙁

  3. That is hilarious! We grew up with a Ford Econoline conversion van, and true to the song, we were a Mormon family with 5 kids. We loved the plush captain’s chairs, the track lighting, and the curtains on the back windows. By time I was in high school, it was a real clunker. Parts of the van would fall off if you kicked it hard enough. A real sweet ride.

  4. I totally need to finih your posts before I sit scratching my head about what you are talking about.
    I couldn’t forthe life of me figure out why you were telling us that Sean doesn’t gamble.

    I’m the oddball. We had a chevy conversion van when I was teenaged and my family was baptist with only 3 kids, but it was because we traveled to Joplin frequently.

    I’m pulling the opposite on the vehicles too….now that Jonathan is too good fo us….I mean too busy for us I don’t need the suburban anymore and was thinking of going back to a mini van…..I miss the gas mileage

    You have a good riend Fee. Glad ya’ll will be able to go somewhere together now.
    HEY now you can come over and visit!!!!! YAY

  5. Thanks for providing the lyrics; I never would have gotten them from what she sang. Still, catchy! Thanks for sharing, and congrats on your new ride!

  6. Nice!

    I sort of regret now not getting a diesel van so I could convert it to veggie oil. I was seduced by the luxury of having stow and go seats. Oh well.

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