much better, thanks, and a tornado

Everything clean! Thanks for the well wishes.

The tornado sirens just woke me. In Tornado Alley, we have tornado sirens like air raid sirens that the National Weather Service (I think) turns on when there’s a tornado.

Tonight there are tornadoes far to the north of me, but very close to my parents. They should be fine though – the tornado passed about a mile or two north of them. I stuck with News 9, and they kept me advised.

I think I’ll go back to bed, we seem to be in the clear.

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6 thoughts on “much better, thanks, and a tornado

  1. You gotta love News 9, especially when they keep you advised!!! Glad the tornado missed your parents.
    Have a blessed day!!!

  2. Heh, I heard those, didn’t get out of bed though. It seems like they’re a little trigger-happy with them, anywho.

    Glad you and yours are safe!

  3. In Sedgwick County, 911 turns the tornado sirens on. (I know this b/c Matt is working as a dispatcher there now) But maybe in OKC, it’s different. I haven’t listened to the weather at all tonight. I hope Wichita doesn’t get hit! Glad you’re safe!

  4. About the sirens: I just heard on the news that OKC has more sirens in its warning system than any other major city. Good. Good.

    I also heard that it is all or nothing. They don’t have the capability to be selective with the system. When they activate it, ALL the sirens go off all over the city.

  5. I’m glad you were all in the clear! I used to live in Arkansas (that is were my son was born) and my second day in the city while shopping at the grocery store we had a tornado warning. Although I’m a weather nut I was freaked out! LOL

    I think that my weather-ness has rubbed off on my son, he’s made me promise that I will take him storm chasing in Oklahoma when he’s 16. He’s infatuated with Tornado Alley, I’m going to have to show him your post.

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