quite tiring around here

Today was, whew. I woke up to someone yelling downstairs, which had me up like a shot – only to find that they were arguing over a soda straw and a yarn end. I was so not patient with that, especially because there were four other yarn bits and two other straws right there, for God’s sake. Argh!

Then Bede was very upset (read: screaming at the top of his lungs) because one of his favorite websites was down. And then Gilbert, who is working on getting out of diapers, had a huge mess. And all the dipes and wipes were out in the laundry room, which is outside. And it was cold.

It was at that point that I wanted to just go back to bed.

And then, this afternoon, the pipe leading to the main sewer clogged, so every single drain in my house overflowed. Yep. While Sean was gone, and unreachable, for about 5 hours. Yes, the toilet too. And the kids were in the shower, so the bathtub was full, and the sink in the bathroom was full because Sean had shaved in it just a few minutes before, and the kitchen sink full because Faith had used it.

And then?

Then the water from the bathroom, the toilet water, the yucky from a rinsed diaper water, it seeped through the floor and started leaking through the kitchen ceiling.

Right over the cereal and cracker boxes. Yah.

Mr. Rooter was called and all was fixed. My mom came over and a.) watched the kids for 20 min while the plumber fixed it and b.) paid for said plumber because I had no money and Sean was gone. Our landlord will reimburse you Mom, but thanks for being there (like always, but we don’t take you for granted Mom. you’re amazing!)

So, that was that. Guh.

My friend learned today that her unborn son does NOT have a life-threatening urinary valve blockage and associated renal failure. So even though my day really blew hers was one of the best of her life, I’d expect. I’m totally basking in that happiness secondhand, and so, so glad that my biggest problems are poopy cereal boxes and squabbles over yarn ends.

Goodnight all.

11 thoughts on “quite tiring around here

  1. Oh no, Fee! How awful! I’m glad it all got fixed, but what a way to start (and then continue) the day!

  2. Sheesh, day from hell alright. I don’t do well with sewage. Glad it all got fixed, what about cleaning?

    I love Bugga. Everyone should have such a cool mom. Thanks for taking care of my friend!

  3. Ugh, I’m exhausted just reading about your day. Blech blech. Well, tomorrow can’t be worse, right? Or at least, it can’t contain as much sewage. 😉

  4. I’m glad everything worked out and that your mom was available to help. I’m praying today is a better day for you Fee!!!

  5. Oh Fee, I’m so sorry. I’m so glad your mom was able to help. Days like that, are no fun at all. YAY FOR YOUR FRIEND’S BABE! = )

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