What’s Wrong With This Picture

To kick off Autism Awareness Month I would like to direct you to an essay written by Kerry Cohen called What’s Wrong With This Picture.

Whenever I outline this list โ€” the list of where he is “behind” and where he is “on par” or “ahead” โ€” I get uncomfortable. None of it captures who he really is, which can’t be contained in a paragraph or maybe even with words. He’s just Ezra. He’s just who he is.

Kerry and I ‘know’ each other from a special needs parenting board near and dear to both our hearts. It’s a great essay and I think you’ll enjoy it.

4 thoughts on “What’s Wrong With This Picture

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It is an well written essay which lifted my spirits.

    Glad to hear that the tornadoes passed by your loved ones. Those sirens are indeed scary – we occasionally hear them here in KY, too.

  2. I think it is the tendency of the schools to label and look at my son as either being behind or ahead in certain arbitrary areas that was part of the reason I pulled him out and began homeschooling him. My son may experience the world differently from his brothers, but that doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with him. I love being able to have him home where he is right where he needs to be, rather than in school where he is constantly working to measure up.

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