Easter pictures, as promised

Trixie found these two eggs and didn’t care to get any more:


G-Lo powerfist:


The other pix didn’t turn out, darn it.

5 thoughts on “Easter pictures, as promised

  1. Trixie and Hannah would be a pair. First, she would only pick up yellow eggs. Then she found a prize egg with coins in it, so she took all the yellow eggs out of her basket and said she was only looking for eggs that had money. She ended up with only a couple also!!! I wish we could find those eggs with the money at the grocery store!!!

  2. your kids look like something Brian Froud would draw… all teeny and pixie-like… and beautiful!

    and yeah, power to the babies! i actually have a whole collection of pics of babies (friends and family) giving either the power fist or the middle finger, heh.

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