No Bede (Gilbert)! At’s Mine! Don’t Touch It! Screeeeeeam!

I had hopes that Trixie’s scream would leave as her language grew, but so far it’s just adding to it. The scream is truly magnificent to hear, like a physical thing. That such a small throat could produce such an incredibly loud noise… wow. I’ve read that howler monkeys can be heard for (goes to look it up) 3 miles. She’s not that loud, I’m sure, but very penetrating, you know? Whew.

Ah, the soundtrack of my life.

3 thoughts on “No Bede (Gilbert)! At’s Mine! Don’t Touch It! Screeeeeeam!

  1. Um, Avari has started it as well. It’s truly shocking when we’re driving down the street and it comes out of nowhere. I think we need to get the rotor turned after the last night, I nearly drove off Sooner Road!

    It can be for touching something, looking at something, or, heaven forbid NOT looking at her.

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