the last of the birthdays

Saturday Faith and Bede had their joint birthday party. It was a blast! We had an assortment of friends and family come over for cake. Nothing extravagant. Faith was given Barbies, craft kits and fairy books and Bede was given alphabet books and stickers, car books and several Hot Wheels.

The best moment was when we were singing Happy Birthday and Bede, who was in the living room totally absorbed by his stickers, came in to the dining room where we were singing and sat down in front of his cake and actually tried to blow the candles out when we finished singing. He never ‘got’ birthdays before this, and the singing would either make him scream (he used to REALLY hate when we sang) or he’d ignore it and lunge for the cake. This year he knew what was what.

I’m so thankful for his autism because it makes me notice and appreciate those sorts of little things that parents of nonautistic kids totally take for granted. (Or at least I did, anyway, before Bede came into our lives.) As well as so many things I’d never have noticed at all. WTG Bede!

Faith’s cake was florally encrusted with frosting flowers. Bede’s was 18 cupcakes spelling H A P P Y  5TH  B I R T H D A Y  B E D E. They both loved their cakes. Faith’s was really, really beautiful, and Bede’s was, well, really letter-y.

Then there was Easter, which will get its own post tomorrow with pictures. Now I gotta go to bed!

5 thoughts on “the last of the birthdays

  1. It was fun!! And the cakes were beautiful. One of my favorite parts was watching Bede spell out Walt Disney Productions Presents with his alphabet stickers. Oh, and meeting Bugga!

  2. I remember the first year my son “got it” that his birthday was coming. Those few weeks of anticipation were priceless – as was the experience of his blowing out his candles and asking when he could open his presents – amazing! Parents of typical kids can never appreciate how amazing this was for us. Happy Birthday to your “big kid”!

  3. About the Bedester: I thought it was so cute how desperately he wanted the wrapped presents when I first brought them in and we put them in the kitchen. Then when he finally got his hands on one, he immediately gave it to me! He wanted me to help him unwrap it.

    It was a fun time, and a big thumbs up to ALL the parents in attendance for having such sweet kids!

  4. I agree that we notice just…odd things. Like Little Miss today waiting patiently as someone was leaving for them to tell her goodbye, because “that’s what you do.” She said goodbye first, then looked at me like…”wow other people are so rude.” It’s only been in the last six months she even noticed people coming and going at all. It’s all progress. 🙂 Happy birthday to your special ones!

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