overheard in my house

Gilbert went over to Bede on the computer and poked a key or turned off the speakers just to get a reaction from Bede, because Gilbert is a pesky little brother. Bede reacted by saying “noooo! awk!” and pushed Gil into the sofa where he sat on his back. I remove Bede, Gil gets up and shoves Bede. I scold Gil, keep Bede from re-retaliating, and tell Gil not to bother Bede’s computer while he’s playing on it. Gil says “I didn’t bozzer it!” I roll my eyes and say “Don’t touch it, Gil. Be nice. Don’t bug Bede!” Gil says “But I want to bug Bede!”


2 thoughts on “overheard in my house

  1. I’m doing okay. I’m pretty emotional. I have a persistent ache in my diaphragm and I’m very sore in the mornings in the hips and pelvis, but other than that I don’t feel bad. The heartburn was my biggest complaint and it’s not nearly as bad.

    Mal/Gloria is just fine. Wiggling away, occasionally getting hiccups cutely, and trying his/her best to shove those little feet right up my esophagus ;-P

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