6 thoughts on “Karen McCarron, day 5

  1. I have no pity. The whole suicide thing was a ploy…a cover up using mental health as a plea later. The woman is a doctor…if she wanted to kill herself she would have.

    I also am disgusted by the whole thing. On average, those who have premeditated to kill disabled children get less time in jail than those who have been convicted of drug charges.

    I see Karen getting off with time served, whatever that may be. She’s not in jail now, is she?

  2. Oh yeah, the reason I find it hard to read is the graphic description of Katie’s death. Not because I feel sorry for Karen.

    Laura, I have to disagree with you. Karen McCarron is most definitely NOT crazy. At least not in a legal sense (if that’s what you meant.) At all. See Melissa’s comments above as well.

    Melissa, I’m glad you posted Today’s Man. I saw it Tuesday, I think? I LOVED it.

  3. Whew I’m not sure I can read the link, and I’m not preggo 😛 Ryc: I still think Fleetwood Mac is deep teeheehee. It’s one of my favorite all time bands actually.

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