Katie McCarron, in the words of her grandfather

Katie spent much of her life in the care of her paternal grandparents. Here are some of her grandfather’s words about her. 

I would like to say something about Katie. Some newspapers have reported that this was done to end Katie’s pain; let me assure you that “Katie was not in pain”. She was a beautiful, precious and happy little girl. Each day she was showered with love and returned that love with hugs, kisses and laughter.

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2 thoughts on “Katie McCarron, in the words of her grandfather

  1. Lovely….heartrending pain expressed so eloquently. And perhaps people will listen when we say that no, autism is not a horrible monster that eats families and children and leaves nothing behind.
    Katie’s Granpa says

    “But in the meantime I can assure you that no one will describe her murder as “understandable” or devalue her in anyway without my personal challenge to them and the organizations they represent.”

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