Link roundup for 9-22-15!


The Dubious Quick Kill – Turns out, in a duel, when you stab someone in the chest they don’t die so quick. Sometimes to outrageous effect.

Teacher required: may need own boat – A remote Scottish village wants to hire a teacher for their kids, but the only way to get there is by boat or footpath. Takes a special sort… Just kidding! This is actually the spiel for a quirky BBC drama, airing next fall. No, actually, it’s real.

Homebirth again shown to be safe – No new news dept: Homebirth is as safe or safer than hospital birth for low-risk pregnancies.

Why Are You Not Dead Yet? – Life expectancy has doubled in the last 150 years, and the reasons why are pretty interesting.

Friday Roundup March 13 2015


Here’s what caught my eye on the internet this week!

Woman, 75, strangles rabid raccoon after it bit her during walk in Virginia botanical garden – She came back to finish her walk after getting treated for the bite!

To the Mean Stranger Who Judged My Parenting Abilities, Thank You – Sometimes when parents are doing things differently than you think they should it’s because they are, you know, different from you.

Wink: Bluetooth Basal Body Thermometer – Looks pretty neat. But I’m a bit nonplussed by this copy: “It’s good for couples as well. Knowing my wife’s charts help me understand her better. Her feelings change during the month and it’s good for me to be aware of what’s going on. Plus, birth control isn’t making her crazy any more, which makes BOTH of our lives better.” CRAZY LADYFEELINGS, BRO! AMIRITE?!?! *high fives* (Sigh.)

The 24 Types of Food Snobs – I’m a Sourcer. “He has a favorite farm within 30mi of the restaurant, and gets strangely excited if his chicken comes from within its fences.”

It Happened to Me: I’m a Demisexual – That means you aren’t sexually attracted to someone unless you have an emotional attachment to them. So, you know, it means “NORMAL.” Oh, Millennials. You are such special snowflakes. Or maybe you meant this ironically. I can’t tell anymore.

What is Papercrete – Why, it’s cement mixed with paper pulp, and it looks like a great building material for DIY.

That’s all for now!

Friday Roundup March 6 2015


What caught my eye on the internet this week.

Elementary School Dumps Homework and Tells Kids to Play Instead – No link between homework and current or future academic success, yet parents complain. Sigh.

Have you ever wondered where books come from? – Aww, look at the little baby booklings without covers!

Why I Wear the Mantilla – I cover my hair at my parish, along with a few other women. This is why.

Alice Medrich’s Best Cocoa Brownies – Well. These look amazing.

How to #YOLO in Latin – yolo, yolare, yolavi, yolatus

A weasel riding a woodpecker as it would appear in Mouse Guard – Avaunt!

Friday Roundup February 27 2015

Here’s what caught my eye on the internets this week!

Polish game recreates communist shopping hell – it’s like an anti-Monopoly. A printable English version is here.

Rock, Paper, Scissors of PC Victimology: Muslim > gay, black > female, and everybody > the Jews – It’s National Brotherhood Week!

Unschooling: The Case for Setting Your Kids Into the Wild – “What if they want to be doctors? They will be doctors. What if they want to be lawyers? They will be lawyers.”

9 things everybody should know about measles – Also, #10: for nearly everyone, it isn’t a big deal to get the vaccine or to get the measles. So, you know, get the vaccine if you have a chance.

The Life Of A Hand Model: Inside The Secretive World Of Parts ModelingRemember George Costanza and his oven mitts?