OK really I think I’ve got it + work update

So, not Bookshark. But! Only because I got a great deal on two used Sonlight cores that correspond to those Bookshark years. Core D+E (US History) and Core W (World History.) Got both of them for way less than half what Bookshark new would have been. And, honestly, I really wanted to do one-year World History with Gilbert, not two. Then next year we can do an 8th-9th grade History of Science year or a 9th-10th grade US History. Pending what he wants, of course.

I’ll be using our own catechisms instead of the bible commentaries they provide, but that was already my plan.

Sean got some pretty long-term freelance work today. His unemployment ran out last week, so the timing is good. It shouldn’t interfere with any full time work he finds in the meantime, as it’s very much a side gig. Whew, thank the Lord, amen.

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